Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Stoney Creek Metro Park at Sunset

I've lived in this area of Michigan for almost 40 years and have never been to this beautiful beach called Stoney Creek. I'ts only 8 minutes or so from my home!

This year I bought a season pass so that I can take my granddaughter there during her August visit - she will be ecstatic when she sees the playground. I don't think she's ever visited a playground she didn't love!
I enjoy the scenery, the lake, the people-watching and tonight the beautiful sunset.

A friend of mine has been taking wonderful sunset photos there. She's been encouraging me to go there so I did. WOW....peaceful and beautiful. So, 104 photographs later I was lucky enough to catch added details -- not just the sunset .....a canoe with fisherman, a paddle boarder and a boat. I think a duck even floated by in one of the images.

THEN, I caught the silhouette of a couple walking through the grass and one image catches them on each side of the sunset cast on the water. Another couple sat down on a bench. So, I moved behind them (at some distance) to catch them in silhouette, AND THEN, they kissed!! They didn't even notice me - honest!

So,  thank you, Kathryn, for bugging me to go check it out. If any of you are near Stoney Creek Metro Park in Michigan.....go visit it!! It's not all dolled-up with flowers and modern things to do but its natural landscape seems to draw lots of people. They were walking, riding bikes, and running along the numerous paths in and out of the woods! I did not join them :) NOR will you ever catch me racing to see a sunrise :)

Blessings .....

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