Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hedgehogs and Tiles Available at Wild Birds Unlimited

I am so pleased that Wild Birds Unlimited in Rochester Hills is carrying two of the items I make. The book-page folded Hedgehogs with antique buttons, glasses and ribbons are available with or without glasses. Special decked-out hedgehogs may be ordered with ribbon color of choice. They are looking for a new home. The samples shown here already have new homes. One set holds cards at Christmas. Others hold photos, recipe cards, prayer cards, messages
. Some of them  just  want to hold their owner's reading glasses for safe-keeping.

The tiles I create are heat and water resistant. Each signed tile may be displayed on an easel or used as a coaster, or may be mounted. The image on each tile is created by me, then photographed. The tiles depict  my artwork, such as sketches with watercolors, collages, photography, etc.) Some may have original work created with alcohol inks or acrylic pours directly on the tiles. Each is unique, and each may be customized with your own photo in a square format.

I'm delighted that my work is available at Wild Birds Unlimited in Rochester Hills!

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