Saturday, May 25, 2019

OPC Students Pull Chains

Aha - Did that heading get your attention? Look at the work my students did this past week practicing the pulled string and pulled ball-bearing chain into white acrylic pour backgrounds. They, like me, enjoyed the pulled chain effect the best. There are plenty of YouTube videos about this technique so check them out. I thought you'd like to see these.

OPC  Senior Center here in Rochester, Michigan. It's a wonderful free facility for 55 year olds and up.....classes, swimming, sports, theatre, travel, dining. I think it has everything but a hotel! I enjoy teaching a variety of classes there every month or so. The staff members are terrific!

If you live in the area, check it out.

May you have a safe Memorial Day weekend, remembering those who gave their lives for us.


Monday, April 1, 2019

Acrylic Pour Presentation Tiles

These wonderfully interesting acrylic pours are on 16" x 10" tiles. Although they are alcohol, water and scratch-resistant, they are not to be used as cutting boards. Each tile makes a wonderful presentation of cheeses, fruits and nuts, or a wine carafe and glasses.

I am delighted that The Cheese Lady in Rochester, MI carries several of these tiles. For more information, please stop by The Cheese Lady 302, W. University 248-413-5758, or send me an email Please note that some of the tiles in the video have sold. They can not be duplicated but colors can be customized on request. (results vary!)


Thursday, February 28, 2019

Visual Faith Fellowship - Canton, MI

With thanks to St. Michael Lutheran Church, Canton, MI, Dawn Kerstenand her team for organizing the Visual Faith event last weekend. It was a pleasure to share devotional time and Visual Faith practices, food and fellowship with 33 women. 

Thank you for welcoming me (and for being so close to Ikea so I could visit there for the first time! 😁😉I'm delighted to have new Michigan friends! 

p.s. It's such a small world - met a women there who was born and raised in the same town I was in WV! Same high school too!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Coasters of Historic Buildings Created for Rochester, MI Pharmacy

I am proud to be creating this series of coasters for Rochester, Michigan's Lytle Pharmacy, using artist Karen Howell's watercolors. The buildings - Lytle Pharmacy (former Opera House) and the original Home Bakery are the first duo. Get yours while they are available.

Lytle Pharmacy on FaceBook