Sunday, September 18, 2022

More Procreate® Play

 Well,  I titled this "more Procreate® play" but it's really following tutorials and learning on my own.  I do call it "play." It's definitely a way to do some artistic things when I don't have paper/pens/pencil at hand. I can also be intentional about it, leaving my other creative tools in my studio.

There is so much to learn and so many generous people with free tutorials, free brushes, stamps, and swatches!! Of course, my wallet has also come out to purchase those things as well. 
Bokeh Lights Brush

It still amazes me that this app's purchase price is $9.99.  It's full of features I like, although I realize more professional artists would like more advanced features. Hopefully, none of the large companies  will buy out this gem of an app, because I would fear price increases and complicated additions. 

In the meantime I am fairly certain there are many thousands of people using this product, and it's very convenient, helpful handbook. The link to it is right in the app! I suppose you can tell I'm a huge fan, so I'll be posting more finished projects occasionally.

 Here are a few things I've worked on lately. Nothing really fancy but these are created using  Mixed Media, Ephemera and Gold Rush Glitter Fill brushes/stamps from #AlainaJensen, and Procreate's® Bokeh Lights brush. One thing I've noticed - the amount of digital brushes I have is beginning to look like the amount of supplies I have in my studio!! ha! 

Time to go back to playing.........Happy creating!



Monday, September 12, 2022

Eco Printing 101 at OPC, Rochester, MI

 A rainy, early morning turned into an afternoon of sunshine as students began unfolding or unwrapping their eco-prints. Working in the beautiful stone cottage in front of the Rochester, MI Older Persons Commission (OPC) gardens, the students were busy, busy, busy. They printed on watercolor paper, printmaking paper, and cotton fabric.  They learned about mordants and what plant materials worked, or didn't work. One of the students brought one of the "stars" of eco-printing - eucalyptus leaves -- purchased at Trader Joes. The leaves were "stars" again. All of the other flowers were graciously provided by Utica Florist, Utica, MI.

Using various methods, each person printed using leaves, flowers, red or white onion skins, cabbage, iron, alum, vinegar.  It's always fun to see the students unveil their creations......not wanting to wait 'til they cool a bit from the steam or 400 degree water containers.

Some took flowers and pounded them into water color paper. Usually people do this with one flower or petal or leaf, but one of the students took a whole bouquet she made up and pounded the whole thing. It created a beautiful pattern. She can go back into it with colored pencils, ink, etc. to sketch some flower shapes over the background pattern. 

If they weren't flower-pounding while waiting for their creations to be ready, they cut up some eco-prints sheets I provided to create backgrounds for cards. They stamped trees or a greeting on the prints before adhering them
to the card fronts.

They learned a lot even though it was a basic eco printing class.

The time flew by!