Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Easel Cards

Workshop Alert! There are two cards that I will develop into an early December workshop for Christmas cards. The Thanksgiving card shown here is called an Easel Card that I’ve observed on a number of websites. When I made this one, I KNEW that many of you would like it! The other card is a swinging card and I’ll post that card later - both cards will be in the Gallery here.
    The workshop will include BOTH cards, as well as the embellishments and envelopes. You will also make additional easel bases. so you can complete them at home however you desire! So, watch for the images in the gallery here and the workshop announcement. I may also include a Twisted Easel Card <wink>. Unique!
      SIDE NOTE today: I DID decide to become a Silpada© jewelry representative so please keep me in mind if you need gifts for yourself or others. My website is: Candice Schwark
      HAPPY THANKSGIVING - may you recognize all of the blessings you’ve received this past year as you share the holiday with family and friends!!


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