Monday, November 7, 2011



Do these doodles mean that I need to be creating all the time??!! There is a type of doodling called Zentangles© that a friend of mine mentioned to me and so, as usual, I went off on a search of what a Zentangle is all about. See: About ZENTANGLE©
  Using fine non-fading markers and 3 1/2” squares of paper, I plunged into the doodles, and decided that Zentangles’© definition should be  “permission to play.”
  I try to do these in about 15 minutes but sometimes I “cheat” and spend more time on them! You do tend to block out everything around you as you create these little squares. Try them!! They’re portable if you cut your squares in advance. You can add color too!!
Doodle your troubles away.............


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