Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh My Goodness....2012 has arrived!

  As you can see from this precious “stylin” photo of our grandbaby Emmalee, I’ve spent every minute I could since Thanksgiving either being with this child and her parents or preparing for that time!! She’s only 2 -1/2 but doesn’t she look like she has awareness beyond her age??!! And, yes, her mom got her a Burberry purse somewhere along the line - I think it was Mom’s to begin with. Her Mom had better watch out for those teen years!!
   Oh!!!! I HAVE been creating a bit too, but it’s funny how our Christmas cards seem to feature Emmalee rather than my calligraphy or cardmaking skills! A grandchild is a beautiful thing!!
Check my gallery for some stages of an altered book in progress for an upcoming workshop! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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