Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brave Girl Art School

I've finally taken some time to try to use some of the wonderfully generous art lessons which Melody Ross offers through her online class. YES! I had to be brave to attempt some acrylic painting, as well as show it here. This has my own adaptations and is on a MUCH smaller scale. This is only a 4" x 4.5"' I used acrylic paints and texture paste.

I think I've discovered that I truly am a person who likes instant gratification.... painting doesn't give that.......Probably why I enjoy computers and paper arts so much - quick results!!

If you haven't every seen the Brave Girl site...check it out. It's worth it!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Altered Wood Blocks

I made these based on some of the materials and instructions from an online class at

They were fun to make and I have a third block that I'll probably create with a Christmas theme.

I enjoy taking classes once in awhile instead of creating them. You always learn at least one new thing from the teacher or participants.

Happy 12/21/12!!!!!! See you on the 22nd. ;-)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Loving the Season

Yes, this is my favorite part of each year! I get to celebrate the birth of Jesus, as well as my birthday.This is a milestone birthday for me but I will let it pass with quiet events. Insurance costs too much for a fireworks display! LOL
The photos here are of some of my ATCs. A dear friend gave me a vintage receipt holder from +7 Gypsies for a Christmas present. I immediately (well, when I got home from our lunch!) loaded it with my ATCs and tags. Fun! She included an ATC she made (the one with the girl image). It's great to have my ATCs displayed rather than in a notebook!

May your end-of-the-year be all you wish for... May all your prayers be answered in the New Year.
Most of all, may those in Newtown, Connecticut find the strength they need to carry through each day.
God bless you and yours!

Monday, December 3, 2012


FINALLY, I finished decorating the family room tree. This is the more traditional tree filled with ornaments from my family and the ones we collected while daughter Heather was growing up. Tonight I decided that hanging the ornaments, or even taking them down later, is a great journaling prompt for scrapbooking Christmas memories!

The smaller tree in our living room isn't up yet. I really like it too. It's more of a gold and white theme... I will post a photo soon.
Have you finished your decorating?
Next project: Original Christmas cards 50 are completed,about 25 to go... Each is different this year. Hubby Jim is in charge of the letter. We are a Christmas card team!

Have FUN with all of you holiday traditions! Don't let the "busy-ness" get you down!
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