Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Loving the Season

Yes, this is my favorite part of each year! I get to celebrate the birth of Jesus, as well as my birthday.This is a milestone birthday for me but I will let it pass with quiet events. Insurance costs too much for a fireworks display! LOL
The photos here are of some of my ATCs. A dear friend gave me a vintage receipt holder from +7 Gypsies for a Christmas present. I immediately (well, when I got home from our lunch!) loaded it with my ATCs and tags. Fun! She included an ATC she made (the one with the girl image). It's great to have my ATCs displayed rather than in a notebook!

May your end-of-the-year be all you wish for... May all your prayers be answered in the New Year.
Most of all, may those in Newtown, Connecticut find the strength they need to carry through each day.
God bless you and yours!


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