Friday, September 14, 2012

Silk Banner - a treasure

This beautiful hand-painted silk banner was given to me at the end of Mosaic, the 1992 International Assembly of Lettering Artists in Michigan. I was very fortunate to have directed this exciting event. This wonderful banner has the signature of each instructor at the event and I cherish it.

The only problem is that it is so large, I had not figured out how I would use it. Yes! I even considered making it into something I could wear but didn't want to hide any portion of it.

It is now in use!! My workshop is a nice working space for me and for classes but the ceiling is "open," unfinished. Now one large section of the open space is draped with the banner and I LOVE it! Of course, a few times when I walked in that area, I found myself ducking - haha...I just wasn't used to have anything over my head there!!

In addition to this delightful banner, I also have LOTS of beautiful envelopes from the wonderful calligraphers who attended, including the instructors. I need to photograph them and put them into a memory book for me. If I hide the addresses, I could make them public but that might destroy the designs on some of them. We'll the meantime...........

have a wonderful weekend!


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