Friday, September 28, 2012

Garage Sales

Another 10 days have passed since I've posted here and I can never believe that it's been so long between posts...guess that's because I'm getting "older." Hmmm.....haven't I been saying that for years??!! Ha!

Anyway, this is garage sale weekend in my neighborhood. A friend and I join together two do a sale in my garage and driveway. I'm always amazed at how tired I am at the end of the day when all I've done is sit outside (in all kinds of weather), visit with people, make myself part with my"stuff," and talk people into taking my stuff for the price I ask. Mostly I just visit and see some of the same faces each time we host the garage sale. Hmmm....maybe I actually enjoy it???!! :)

This time, in addition to selling some used craft products, I decided to add some of my handmade products - cards, boxes to hold them and some altered wooden alphabet letters. It's nice to get personal feedback on my work, as well as get new friends on my mailing list. Some of the feedback is "no sale," when they walk away without buying my work, but that's okay.

It's time to get ready for bed so I'm all chipper for tomorrow's last garage sale day....hope it's a sunny one!!

Here are some of the things I put on my sale table. The boxes and enclosed cards are made with Close to My Heart™ products.

Enjoy the weekend!


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