Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Procreate® Play

 Are you familiar with the app Pocreate®? The company promotes it as "The complete art studio you can take anywhere" and I do not disagree. Wow! It is pretty amazing and user friendly. 

I 've enjoyed "playing" with Procreate® for a couple of years --- still have so much to learn. One of the ideas that I like so well is that if I have my iPad with me (or even my iPhone), I can be doing some sort of artistic expression anywhere! Of course, I know a paper and pencil will work just fine, but this is more fulfilling and versatile on a long car trip, or in a waiting room. This app even has the link to the manual built into it!

The options are many - coloring in pre-scanned artwork made by me or others. Practicing layers, masks, clipping masks - (those things that can get so confusing).  become easier with the practice. You can even learn about creating animations. One area that has been fun (besides watching numerous tutorials) is creating "mixed-media" backgrounds. I do this regularly with paper, paint, ink, pencils, etc., but doing all of it digitally really allows so many more layers to be added, altered, hidden, so that I end up with more than one possible layout.  

Brushes, stamps, color palettes, overlays, backgrounds - innumerable options that are free with the app. There are thousands (probably) more to add from wonderful digital artists - free and purchased.

My background pages are ready for additional work, either by printing for other uses (collage), or for adding digital text or artwork.....journaling, framing, cardmaking, etc. 

So, I imagine you can tell how enamored I am with this app - unbelievable price for the power it provides.

I have no affiliation with Procreate®, $9.99, except as a satisfied customer. Procreat® Pocket $4.99 is for use with an iPhone.  I DO recommend them!

Digital Mixed Media Background made in Pocreate®
Digital Mixed Media Background made in Pocreate®

Image scanned, imported into Procreate® where it was colored -
 text added with Apple Pencil

Image drawn and colored in Procreate®

If you are working with this app, let me know what you are doing with it. In the meantime, I'm going off to "play" now. 




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