Saturday, June 27, 2020

Loving Handmade Books

©Candice Schwark 2020
Books are one of my weaknesses. I am trying to lighten my shelves by donating some of them,  like my calligraphy books. There's quite a collection living with me.

Of course, I can weed out books but then I turn right around and make them!! It's another one of my "gotta-do-it-whenever-I-can" hobbies. I joined the Handmade Book Club online and Ali Manning presents us with challenges, which motivate me. It's amazing how many I've produced lately. If I can part with them, they'll be great gifts.

The Zebra batik fabric book is a recent addition.  I've had the batik fabric for many, many years and it finally has a purpose. I don't even remember where I bought it. This is a slim case binding.

The one below is a coptic binding using handmade paper for the cover and collaged papers for the signatures. This was a fun activity for a one-day online retreat. My pages need embellishing. Often when I make books, I like to use a pendant that I've enhanced with resin and baubles. I add a bungie cord so it wraps around the book as shown here on the coptic binding before I stitched it.

One of my favorite things to do is use my eco-printed papers in my books....they add such a nice feature for writing on, or as an embellishment.

I believe Ali Manning's Handmade Book Club is not open for membership right now, but I highly recommend it. You may add your name to the waitlist. Be sure to check out her main website: Vintage Page Designs.

 Now, I guess I should go figure out what I want to put into these books.

Blessings on your day!

©Candice Schwark 2020

©Candice Schwark 2020
These small books are made from canvas.


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