Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Monoprinting Play at the OPC

I spent this afternoon with students at the OPC Senior Center in Rochester, MI. We enjoyed getting creatively messy with acrylic paint. I showed them how to monoprint from plates I've purchased over the years, and new ones I made myself (gelatin and glycerin)  Somehow I was the only one who forgot to put gloves on, so guess who won the award (if I were giving them out) for being the messiest of all???!!!! How in the world did I do that? :)
Anyway, they learned how to create prints, using various tools - stencils, mesh, stamps, string, rubber bands, bubble wrap, etc. They seemed to fall in love with the process. After about 90 minutes, I asked them to pick a stencil or a mask they could trace. They also chose several of their favorite prints. After making their choices, they traced their design choice on the back of a favorite monoprint, then cut it out to reveal a unique image for card fronts or scrapbooking. Each made at least one card. 

We then moved on to the remaining papers which we trimmed to about 4" x 6". White card stock, trimmed just slightly larger, was covered with monoprints for the covers. They added colorful string to holes punched into the papers and covers, resulting in a little booklet. The booklet is now easily taken apart so they may choose a page to make additional cards, a mini album. Some might keep it, as is, to use as a journal.

They were terrific in helping me clean up at the end of the afternoon, as they eagerly talked about doing it all again one of these days.

If you are in the Rochester, Michigan area, you must check out the OPC - it's a pretty amazing Center!



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