Sunday, November 19, 2017

Visual Faith Community - Metro Detroit Meet-Up

Ten of us met this week to complete our devotion time on the book "Waiting" by Sharla Fritz. Member Marie Schwartz demonstrated some ideas for painting rocks to keep or share. Painting rocks is a revitalized craft creating much interest. She showed how to insert a pin into a pencil eraser to make teeny-tiny paint dots, how to use the end of paint brush for a similar effect. Marie brought photos of rocks she had completed for her daughter's church and we followed her designs.
Another design she taught us was to put drops of fingernail polishes on the top of water in a container wide enough to dip a rock into. 

When you dip the rock, the polish adheres to the rock creating an interesting design. The water container no longer has polish in it...or at least not much.

The tree of life was the most popular so everyone completed that design first. Some of the rocks will be kept my the maker and some will be shared by leaving them in a place where some lucky person can find them. This is a trend where "finders" either keep the rock or replace it with another.

Thank you to Marie for sharing her techniques and for all who participated. I may take mine to North Carolina where I'll be spending Thanksgiving.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving with safe travels, and fun times as you make new memories!

If you are interested in joining us in January (we meet once a month), please let me know.


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