Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Create an Envelope Wrap

Envelope Wraps - first 2 are 4" from #10 envelope - used table napkins and stamps. The second is a 2" Wrap using stencils, acrylic paints and a stamp.
At the 2017 Michigan Visual Faith Retreat I demonstrated a project that I designed for those who do not like to write, or do any art, in their Bibles. Visual Faith is not just about Bible Journaling but it can be such an important part that sends us off in other directions, such as Visual prayer, Mixed Media paintings, greeting cards. There are so many visual ways of helping us remember the Word, as well as sharing it. 

I will try to get a how-to video done in the next few days showing this project, but decided to do some quick photos and a descriptive how-to in the meantime. Be sure to check the height of the pages of the Bible you are using so that you use the correct size envelopes. I am showing a #10 envelope here which works well with the NIV Notetaker's Bible and the ESV One-Column Journaling Bible. Have fun with this. Let me know how you've used this idea either here or on the FaceBook site - Visual Faith Community - Metro Detroit.

Seal the #10 envelope - see NOTE below first. You will need to add some glue to each end of the flap.  Please Note that if you are using a brayer or stamps, you might want to slip a piece of cardstock inside the envelope, while working on the non-flap side. This will prevent the seams from making a mark on the front. You COULD use that effect to your advantage, but if not, keep a piece of cardstock handy to use before sealing. 
2 sizes with blank 2" wrap.

Before you do any work on the wrap, decide if you will leave it the size it is (approximately 4"), or will you cut it in half (vertically). See Option 2 below. Whatever you decide, you will need to trim 1/8 - 1/4 inch off of each vertical side so that it slips over a page. I suggest doing that in the beginning. Actually you could make the wraps any width you want up to the 4"!

Option 1 - Embellish the side that will either cover, or be next to, the scripture you are studying/journaling. Once embellished, slip it over the page. You may also do the back side of the envelope wrap at the same time, relating it to scripture on the pages it covers, or the one opposite. Highlight the text the wrap refers to if you like. It's ok to leave the back of the envelope wrap blank for another time.

Other tips....If you want to do very personal notes about particular scripture, you could turn the envelope inside out (carefully), write on the inside of it, then turn it right side before slipping over the page. With some Bibles a portion of the envelope wrap will be seen at the top of the page, like a bookmark....take advantage of that. You could add a theme or the specific scripture - chapter and verse it refers to.

Option 2 - Embellish the background of the envelope wrap, then cut the envelope in half vertically, creating 2 envelope wraps. You can then add journaling, stamps, images, etc.  You could do these in advance with only the backgrounds completed - all ready for embellishments and writings later.

Please remember to share what you do with this idea....



#10 Envelope
4" Envelope Wrap slipped onto page

Envelope Wraps 4" and 2"
2" Envelope Wrap made with security #10 envelope
2" wrap shown with #10 envelope


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