Thursday, December 8, 2016

Graffiti in Detroit

I have always enjoyed seeing Graffiti even though the nasty language is way more than I want to see!! This slideshow of images is from a recent trip to downtown Detroit. I have NO idea what any of it means, so if anyone thinks I should take it down, let me know. I've admired graffiti in Italy, Argentina, tunnels and bridges across the U.S.A. and the walls of Detroit.

I just wonder about those who created the graffiti....are they frustrated artists? I imagine they are irritated with their own lives ...could the graffiti represent their voices shouting loud?   Do the locations have a special meaning or are they just convenient with no one to stop them?

It's baffling how some graffiti appears in precarious locations....did they climb there by themselves or was a team of people involved? So many questions behind these expressions.

Wonder what a convention of graffiti artists would look like? We probably stereotype these people as street "urchins." Wouldn't it be funny to show up at a convention and find out that they are "suits" - college professors, business people, high school coaches? Or maybe they are "starving artists" yearning to be seen! Sadly, I realize that many of them are probably parts of gangs, their so-called "family." The graffiti may have just been done on a dare. I sure wish my handling of a spray can of paint was as good as some of these people!

Destruction of property isn't  cool but I still enjoy seeing the layouts of the painted walls and saying a silent "good job" to many of these creations!


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