Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wishing you a Merry, Magical Morning

We used to entertain a lot, and I enjoyed decorating our home. We still entertain a bit, but on a smaller scale. The decorating is a little less, but probably much more than most. I love the sparkly changes to the rooms we are so used to seeing.

 Backtracking to when I was young. My parents continued a tradition that I believe began with my father's father.  My parents TOTALLY decorated the house (inside and out) and the tree on Christmas Eve AFTER we went to bed. Can you believe that?? I always wondered why my mother got laryngitis on Christmas Eve......she was exhausted. By the time my youngest brother came along,  my other brother and I helped decorate but still kept the tradition for the youngest one.

It's difficult to explain how magical Christmas morning was because of this tradition.  Just picture going to bed with only a tree in the stand in the living room. Parents and kids having a snack, kids off to bed with nothing else out of order. The next morning (probably shortly after my parents just fell asleep) we were bounding into their bedroom to have my dad go see if Santa had arrived.

After a bit of grumbling (and probably being sent back to bed a couple of times), my dad would go downstairs and announce whether Santa had been there. He would turn on all the Christmas lights (it was still dark outside), start the train under the tree and then say we could come downstairs (I imagine he got the coffee going too!)
I believe my mother went downstairs first then the three of us to a magical transformation of the house. EVERYTHING seemed sparkly and bright and cheerful. You see, Santa not only brought gifts but he decorated inside and out!! Yes, my dad did the outside lights on Christmas Eve as well! Amazing gift they gave to us - a magical morning!!

My brothers and I continued some of the traditions but not decorating the whole house on Christmas Eve - at least I don't think they they did. I didn't!!! :) I still liked to make it magical for our daughter on Christmas morning....only thing we added was music.

May each of you who celebrate have a Merry Christmas, remembering the gift of Jesus whose birth we celebrate. To all of my friends, may you have a magical New Year!



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