Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Thankful Thanksgiving

The snow is flying in Michigan while I am thankfully enjoying the warmer climate of Corpus Christi, TX, and anticipating a visit to San Antonio for a couple of days. The trip will include a Thanksgiving Day buffet dinner ....couldn't find one in Corpus Christi. 

I enjoy exploring each destination when traveling to where my husband is working. We'll share the San Antonio outing but most of the time, I'm exploring on my own.

Looks like the next adventure for me will be horseback riding on the beach. Now, I do like horses but I usually don't seek them out for a ride, when my car is so handy!! I haven't been on a horse since I lived in Florida in the early 70s. Guess who will need a refresher course? Are there horseback riding refresher courses or is it like bike riding -- you never forget? Horseback riding on the beach has requirements.

Horses On The Beach, Corpus Christi, TX
Of course, they recommend wearing jeans.......my jeans are back in Michigan -  I brought hot weather clothes. They recommend shoes that won't fall off .....my appropriate riding boots are in Michigan....my emergency snow boots are in the trunk of my car. Snow boots would work but my feet would sweat, sooooo sneakers will have to be my shoes of choice. My husband is not showing an interest in joining me, but then he is in work mode, so I guess I will head out on my own. 

The other option is to stay back at the hotel and "play" with the things I brought in my traveling art kit, or read a book, or go to the beach and watch the waves. Nawwwww, I think I'll give the Horses On the Beach a try. 

I won't promise to post photos (well, maybe one of the horse when I'm not on its back) but wish me luck...............

How do I take photos when I'm bouncing around on a horse's back?? 

Hmmm....I don't have a helmet........

Should I take carrots........

oh well......

off I go........

Blessings on this 2015 Thanksgiving!.........

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Women's Bible Journaling Group

Last year, a group of Bible study friends began a Women's Bible Journaling group with a really interesting study of Jonah.....such a rich book of the Bible!! We decided to continue this form of Bible study by following our church's weekly messages given by our Pastors. To me this is a natural way to journal......carrying throughout the week the thoughts we pondered at Sunday services.

Our next theme was The Great Physician.......we journaled in our Bibles and/or notebooks. I tend to take notes during the sermon, then listen to the message again, read the scriptures relating to that message, and put notes and artsy sketches in my notebook.  The artsy part may be clipart, something I've sketched, or embellished lettering.

I return to my Bible and add my finalized notes and art relating to the theme I want to remember. We are so fortunate to have the audio and video available on the church's website each week. St. John Lutheran Church, Rochester, MI

Our group renewed our meetings last month - usually the 3rd Saturday of the month, alternating between my home studio and church. The recent sermon series was "In Everything.........Pray" so we are spending a couple of sessions on that theme. We'd love to have you with us. We're out of sync this month so we are meeting this Saturday, Nov. 7 from 1 - 4 pm in my home studio.

If you would like to join us, please send me an email: candice@mac.com. This is the type of study that you may join at anytime. I usually have extra material but it's nice to know you'll be there so I can be certain you have everything. Just bring your Bible, some colored pencils, regular pencil, eraser and a composition notebook or any notebook you'd like. I will provide everything else.

Bring your lunch or a snack if you want, dress comfortably and if the meeting is in my studio, we may get messy with paints, etc. Dress warm in the wintertime.

I think you will find that this way of being in the Word is so meaningful because you linger a little longer.
If you aren't in the Rochester, Michigan area, I encourage you to find an online Bible Journaling group or one in your area. I will add some links to the tabs at the top of this page soon to help you on your way!