Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy Spring 2015

Is it not amazing how time flies? So many of us get behind in our blogging. I guess it can't be all bad if we are blessed to be busy doing other things we love to do.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sometimes it's difficult to know what to share. I tend to stick to my "artsy" life, rather than being too personal. Of course, if you ask me to talk about my granddaughter, this blog would be filled with her antics. Time with my daughter and her family, visits with my 92-yr.-old mother-in-law, visits to wherever Jim is working, leading one and participating in another Bible study, reassuring Cricket, our 7 yr. old rescue, that she IS in her "forever" home, and lots of art-related classes bring me to today's blog. I am promising myself that I'll be a better blogger, but will focus more on the artsy side of my life for the most part!

With that thought in mind, let me share the names of some of my favorite artists/courses. I tend to go into overload, but I think of it as full immersion into something that I like. I did that with my calligraphy, bookbinding, card making, miniatures, photography and so on. My mother once said to me (I don't remember what her reference was), "You've done that. You've moved on."

Even though she said that when I was probably in my young adult time, I really think it's how my life has unfolded. As I put in my quote on Pinterest, "interested in everything, expert in nothing," and that's ok with me. I DO NOT have enough years left in my life to do what I want, so I'm at least giving lots of things a "try."

So, my "tries" over the past year and a half have included a year-long online course with LifeBook 2014 by Tamara Laporte, with extraordinary teachers; I'm now taking LifeBook 2015. I've been a student in almost every class offered by Jeanne Oliver, including Danielle Donaldson's current one. The others who have been part of my learning process include Donna Downey, Melody Ross,  Jennibellie, Christy Tomlinson, Donna Salazar, Adam Sicinski and on and on!!! Even if you have done the process before, you always learn at least one new thing! As you can see, I'm immersed.

In August I discovered a FaceBook private group called Bible Journaling Community - I believe it had 900 members at the time. Today? 13,300+!!!!! There are offshoots of that community  - Documented Faith, Illustrated Faith, His Kingdom Come. That immersion led me to teaching a Women's Bible Journaling group at our church....joining my faith walk with my art walk! I've been putting this off for about 3 yrs!

Whew!! When I type all that out, I am trying to think about when I cooked dinner!! haha

I've include some samples of works I've completed. Perhaps that's what I'll do more of so that my blog stays more current.

Blessings on this Holy Week with the joyous Easter to look forward to!



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