Friday, April 5, 2013

I Rocked My Book

When I first saw the information about Andy Skinner's workshops "Book of Ruination" and "Rock Your Book," I really thought the projects were soooo strange, not my style AT ALL. Yet, the images kept calling to me, and I KNEW I'd learn some great techniques if I signed up, and that's what happened.

First thing I like about his workshops is their year-long availability - that is very important to any workshop participant, in my opinion. Then, I liked the detailed videos and PDFs that he provided. They were clear and concise. My only negatives were that I didn't have the acrylic paints he recommended (I try to find things at my local stores first.). It's not really a negative because I experimented with mixing some paints to find something that was similar to his sample. I ended up using a small jar of wonderfulness, that has been residing in my studio for years. and it was super!! (LuminArt® Indian Copper is what I used to cover the alphabet letters.)

The book that I "rocked" was from a larger book  cut in half.....I didn't realize until my cover was underway that I was doing it upside down, but I will be painting and tearing out pages anyway. I used so many interesting techniques to finish the book; another project is checked-off on my creative path this week.

It's been a delightful week of creating and learning. I TRY to clean up my studio, but then I stumble on something that triggers a new idea, and I'm off and running again with some new project. SUCH FUN! My mind is spinning.

Hope you enjoy how I "rocked my book" shown in this image. A link is on the right of this blog to "The Book of Ruination."

Thanks for coming along on my creative Spring Break week.....
Blessings on your weekend.......

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