Monday, April 1, 2013

Funky Flowers

This canvas may get a complete whitewash of Gesso because I only like it from a distance. It was going to be an 8 x 10 journal cover, based on a Funky Flower online class from Brave Girls Art School.

My original sketch and marker drawing had bright, vivid colors, which I think is in the archive on this blog. The collage began when I decided to use paper towels I had on hand that were covered with the excess ink from stencils. I used them as the petals for the largest flower and then just took off from there. But, really....are their greenish/brownish/yellowish flowers?? I don't think so!! I guess that makes them "funky."!!! LOL

So, guess who will probably try again and follow the original sketch? One of the canvasses will be the back and one will be the front!! Nothing like having OPPOSITES, eh? :-)

I suppose this is called being free with my art!

April blessings....................


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