Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plaids, plaids, plaids - this is a wonderful technique that I've used for a number of years with inks and Dreamweaver Stencils' Plaid Stencil. When I first started doing this, I used the 12 x12 plastic stencils (discontinued) by Close to My Heart
NOW, I am using the Dreamweaver Stencil with acrylic paint and my GelliArts Printing Plate. LOVE the look with a couple of paint colors or even using the same color.
Two techniques: 
Technique 1
Put desired acrylic paint on GelliArts Printing Plate, place stencil on top of the paint and press desired paper on top of stencil and lift paint that is between the metal part of the may have to press a little harder than with other stencils to lift off the paint. Remove your stencil,  turn your paper 90 degrees and place it back on the printing plate and lift off the remainder of the paint. You should have a beautiful plaid. 
Technique 2: After you put a coat of paint on your plate, lift that paint off with your paper, then add darker paint and do your stencils in the two directions as mentioned in Technique 1. Would love to see your results! Have fun!


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