Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mixed Media Butterflies

Another fun project last night into the wee hours of this morning (I think I'm too old for the late hours now!) finishing this step will be to collage a canvas as a backdrop for this mixed media piece.
I did not come up with this idea myself. Donna Salazar, is the designer. She is an upbeat artist whose work I follow....GirlieGrunge...a link to her is on this Blog. She is teaching a class at called "Make Your Own Paint".....this photo is my creation based on the project she designed and demonstrated.

The image is actually a bit lighter than what is shown here, and I need to add some sparkle to the word Inspire, but this part is basically complete.......stay tuned for the final result.......maybe tomorrow or Friday.....

Blessings to you and

Here you go - completed and hanging on the my kitchen wall for now I lightened it up a lot and it's a happier piece perhaps :) Another version will be created soon using different colors.


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