Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I wish each of you a holiday of love and laughter with the 
special people in your life! 
Safe travels far and near too.
CBS .......

Friday, November 9, 2012


I love books. I used to force myself to write in one or remove a page, but since I discovered altered books years ago, my "fear" is cured! I've bound various styles of books for many years, but decided to brush up on my knowledge and take an online course to create a couple of handbound journals. It's always fun to review some stitches or learn some new ones. The image (sorry for a bit of blur in the image) on the left was a book made from an error. I did not measure the book cover correctly, so I made it a smaller version. The image on the right is the correct measurement. Only the smaller book has signatures stitched in, so far.

Both book covers use Close to My Heart discontinued cardstock (Roxie©). It's my view that even discontinued products used and presented should be considered a jumping off point for you to think outside the box. Use your own materials and your end result will be terrific. Now, I need to actually journal inside these journals, right?!! I am hoping to use one of these or another one with a different cardstock for a Bible study that I'm developing.

 Sometimes it seems that I'm blogging in the dark here, so please let me know you've been here. Click on one of the feedback options below or leave a comment by clicking on "no comment" which will open a text block for you to type in. Have a great weekend! cbs

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hungry Birds

  Less than 5 minutes after filling the feeder, the birds swooped in. How do they know? Are they secretly spying on me from the trees? The feeder had not been filled for weeks! Maybe I need find another job to support them and the chipmunks - I sure hope they haven't received word that the feeder is full! LOL
  Fortunately I've trained the squirrels to know that I only feed the seed they dislike - safflower.
  It's such a joy to watch the wildlife. We get a wide assortment of birds and critters.
  Guess it's time to get to my studio and stop birdwatching! Enjoy the rest of the weekend... I sure hope the East Coast receives relief soon!