Monday, April 16, 2012

"Little Emmalees"

Well, I said I might include my precious grandchild in my blog, so here she is, in what she calls “Little Emmalees.” SO much fun to look at and easy to do. I used foam board or Tim Holtz’s Grungeboard to back these little cuties. Tip....take the photos straight on, or eye-level with the subject, if possible. One of these doesn’t follow that rule (green shirt). You can see how she looks a bit out of proportion but I love each of them anyway. They are displayed on a shelf by my kitchen sink --- it’s my smile-a-day treat. Cut out your image, trace onto your stabilizing product, cut out, adhere to back - I used the permanent adhesive in Xyron’s Mini Sticker Maker and I put the Grungeboard AND the image through the Sticker Maker. Seal them together, then use a wooden skewer or the midsection of a Q-Tip®(cut off each end), and adhere it to the back of the Grungeboard leaving enough to stick in a block of clay. Follow the clay’s instructions on baking it before you put the skewer in the clay. Make sure you’ve made a hole large enough in the clay to accommodate the skewer. Once the clay is baked put a little liquid polymer on the skewer and insert it into the clay. You can find clay blends that you can cut into a block OR use a small alphabet block.
Another tip - photos will fade...there are products that claim they will protect from this. I am going to try Close To My Heart’s Liquid Glass to see if that protects. HAVE FUN!


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