Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Stamps

   Welcome to snowless March in Michigan!! No snow is ok with me :)
    I WAS heading to Florida for a little sunshine, but plans changed which also resulted in me not attending a workshop with Teresa Collins in Georgia.
    Those of you who know me personally, know that I usually don’t take the straight path to a destination. My road trips include stopovers along the way or on the way back.
    Sooooo, an anticipated destination of FL was to include a stop to visit my brother and sister-in-law in WV, and then time with my daughter and her family in NC. Plans change.
     I ended up meeting up with my husband in NC, staying longer for a visit, and returning home. I had originally planned to spend a couple of nights in Cumming, GA on the way back from Florida to take Teresa’s workshop at EMIScrapbooking. Canceling was sad but I am REALLY excited about receiving Teresa’s kit next week!
    Teresa is noted for many quality products, but the one I purchased recently was the Teresa Collins Stampmaker machine. It is COOL! I really want to convert my calligraphy to stamps and once the negative is made, the stamp making takes a maximum of 10 minutes, usually less! The photo above is an example of a stamp I made. What fun!! It also will create embossing plates and stencils! I hope to make a photo stamp of my granddaughter.

    So, I will look to purchase some other Teresa Collins products, put together the kit, when I get it and follow her blog. My plans didn’t work out, but I still had fun along the way and it STILL wasn’t a straight path from here to there and back!!!


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