Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip to Nashville

Nashville always feels like home to me....not sure why, but some high school friends and I met up there for a few days this past week and had a blast!!
    It’s impressive to see how many areas have recovered from the floods of last year. The Grand Ole Opry has a marker that shows how high the waters were. The store employees there said thewater was up to the countertops and over your head in the parking lot!! Amazing!!
    We enjoyed tours at the Opry as well as the historic Reyman Auditorium and the Walk of Fame. Keith Urban and Bill Anderson got their stars on the Walk of Fame while we were there but, unfortunately, we didn’t run into them anywhere :-(.We made quick visits to Tootsie’s and the Wild Horse Saloon.
     I sincerely recommend the Loveless Cafe for a delicious breakfast or lunch! The Boundr’y restaurant was a delightful spot and we were happy to have a corner away from everyone else because our laugh-‘til-we-cried evening would have irritated an “outsider.” John, our waiter, was excellent as was the food. We were sure we saw Taylor Swift who lives nearby.
    I came home to prepare for this weekend’s garage sale (tomorrow is the last day!!) and then I’ll get back to a bit of paper arts again, I hope.
Of course, the yard is screaming for flowers so that may interrupt my creative activities in my workshop. Hope to have an Open Studio and/or workshop soon!!
Enjoy the sunshine as we encourage it to stick around.........
Enjoy the rest of May......


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