Thursday, August 14, 2014

Diva inspired by Marieke Blokland's LifeBook 2014 class

These special women are so much fun to make. Marieke Blokland has such a colorful influence in her LifeBook 2014 course. As you can see, I REALLY played with colors. I've always thought of myself as a primary color person, but then I find myself falling back on earth tones.....maybe that's a "playing it safe" side of me.

I didn't play it safe here and had to reign myself in to keep from overdoing the creation of my Sparkle and Shine Diva. I really wanted her to look all out of proportion.

Fabric samples are featured in the background. The hats are recycled from the cover of a thank you note I received. Her sparkly pink boots were traced and restyled from a magazine ad. The little dress is based on a Stencil Girl stencil by Sue Pelletier. I dry embossed the scrapbook paper, then used black gesso to outline the stencil before cutting it out.

Her head, eyes and hair are products of my imagination with the influence of Marieke!

Sooooo, Ms Sparkle and Shine Diva is born. She has sisters waiting in the wings.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Swapping artwork

ATC cards by Jane McMahon Lazenby

I don't often swap artwork although I've always thought it would be fun to participate in a traveling journal event.....maybe someday. 

As part of LifeBook 2014 under the direction of Tamara LaPorte, I did take part in an ATC swap and received the lovely cards from artist and new friend  Jane McMahon Lazenby

This was a good experience and I'd do it again. 
There is a risky side to this kind of event because sometimes people sign up 
and forget they signed up, or decide not to follow through. That becomes a disappointment 
to the other participant, and throws the whole swap out of kilter.

So, if you do sign up for a swap, please participate 
or let someone know that you have to drop out!

Here are the I sent to Jane.

ATC cards by Candice Schwark, Studio-MosaicHAPPY AUGUST!
Blessings to you and yours........

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Creative play is such fun especially when I am using some leftover supplies. For these tags, I pulled out stamps, stencils, dye inks, alcohol ink scraps and the play began.
As I finished them, I could imagine my husband asking one of his usual questions…..where will you put them?……what are they for?
If you are like me, creative play does not need a final goal. The word "play" in this setting means "journey" and the end result often defines itself. When I was finished, I thought they would be an interesting card cover - cropped to fit. At the moment I will probably uses them as journaling cards in an altered vintage book………or a gift tag……….or a bookmark…….it goes on and on…….

Products used:
Close to My Heart stamps
Alcohol Inks
Dye Inks

May you recognize many blessings this week!

Friday, April 18, 2014

EASTER EGGS - new technique (for me)


Usually I dye Easter eggs using a Martha Stewart technique of wrapping raw eggs in colorful silk and muslin. This year, I forgot and boiled the eggs ahead of time, so I had to come up with another method of making them colorful.

Off to the internet I went and found this fun, easy and a bit mess, Easter dyeing project. Ingredients: hardboiled eggs, Cool Whip®, food coloring, glass dish, tin foil, and paper towels.

Sidenote: I use a similar technique for making colorful background paper by using shaving cream (unscented if possible) with reinkers. (That's strange….my autocorrect converted the word reinkers to reindeers….LOL)

Back to the eggs…...I spread the Cool Whip (couple of spatulas full) in a glass dish, then dropped food coloring drops - 3 to 4 around the whipped cream. Then I swirled the colors with a toothpick - you could use a plastic knife or fork and swirl the colors, similar to making a marble cake.

Next: Roll a hardboiled egg through the cream I did it so that I covered most of the egg, but you could just roll the egg straight through the cream, picking up the colors. Set the egg aside on tin foil or cardboard to dry for about 10 minutes. Just like waiting for paint to dry, I dislike waiting, so I cleaned off the egg with a paper towel after approximately 5 minutes. The green color didn't seem to work well, but my food colors were cheap brands. Also, even after I wiped off the eggs, I was able to put them back in the cream with color and add some more color.

Your fingers will stain…I still have a bit of red on my fingers from yesterday. The marbled color is terrific.

Try this with children! You might want them to wear gloves. There are LOTS of references to this and other techniques on the internet, so I can say if any person or company owns this idea.

Happy Easter!