Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Create an Envelope Wrap

Envelope Wraps - first 2 are 4" from #10 envelope - used table napkins and stamps. The second is a 2" Wrap using stencils, acrylic paints and a stamp.
At the 2017 Michigan Visual Faith Retreat I demonstrated a project that I designed for those who do not like to write, or do any art, in their Bibles. Visual Faith is not just about Bible Journaling but it can be such an important part that sends us off in other directions, such as Visual prayer, Mixed Media paintings, greeting cards. There are so many visual ways of helping us remember the Word, as well as sharing it. 

I will try to get a how-to video done in the next few days showing this project, but decided to do some quick photos and a descriptive how-to in the meantime. Be sure to check the height of the pages of the Bible you are using so that you use the correct size envelopes. I am showing a #10 envelope here which works well with the NIV Notetaker's Bible and the ESV One-Column Journaling Bible. Have fun with this. Let me know how you've used this idea either here or on the FaceBook site - Visual Faith Community - Metro Detroit.

Seal the #10 envelope - see NOTE below first. You will need to add some glue to each end of the flap.  Please Note that if you are using a brayer or stamps, you might want to slip a piece of cardstock inside the envelope, while working on the non-flap side. This will prevent the seams from making a mark on the front. You COULD use that effect to your advantage, but if not, keep a piece of cardstock handy to use before sealing. 
2 sizes with blank 2" wrap.

Before you do any work on the wrap, decide if you will leave it the size it is (approximately 4"), or will you cut it in half (vertically). See Option 2 below. Whatever you decide, you will need to trim 1/8 - 1/4 inch off of each vertical side so that it slips over a page. I suggest doing that in the beginning. Actually you could make the wraps any width you want up to the 4"!

Option 1 - Embellish the side that will either cover, or be next to, the scripture you are studying/journaling. Once embellished, slip it over the page. You may also do the back side of the envelope wrap at the same time, relating it to scripture on the pages it covers, or the one opposite. Highlight the text the wrap refers to if you like. It's ok to leave the back of the envelope wrap blank for another time.

Other tips....If you want to do very personal notes about particular scripture, you could turn the envelope inside out (carefully), write on the inside of it, then turn it right side before slipping over the page. With some Bibles a portion of the envelope wrap will be seen at the top of the page, like a bookmark....take advantage of that. You could add a theme or the specific scripture - chapter and verse it refers to.

Option 2 - Embellish the background of the envelope wrap, then cut the envelope in half vertically, creating 2 envelope wraps. You can then add journaling, stamps, images, etc.  You could do these in advance with only the backgrounds completed - all ready for embellishments and writings later.

Please remember to share what you do with this idea....



#10 Envelope
4" Envelope Wrap slipped onto page

Envelope Wraps 4" and 2"
2" Envelope Wrap made with security #10 envelope
2" wrap shown with #10 envelope

Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017 Michigan Visual Faith™ Retreat hosts 90+

It's been almost a week since the 2017 Michigan Visual Faith™ Retreat ended, and I've taken this week to wrap up some final details so that I can begin to write thank you notes to the many who helped make this event a reality.

Connie Denninger, one of the presenters, did a nice wrap-up on her blog with photos, so be sure to check it out. If you are interested in materials related to Visual Faith™,  sign up for the private FaceBook group: Visual Faith Community - Metro Detroit. You can also send me your FaceBook address and I can add you.

The retreat at St. John Lutheran Church & School, Rochester, MI drew more than 90 participants, vendors and volunteers for an information-packed day. Presenters Connie Denninger and Patricia Maier discussed the history of Bible Journaling and Visual Prayer. Their informational slides were projected on two large screens while they shared current stories about Lingering Longer in the Word, and creating/sharing Prayer cards. Blank samples of Bible margin designs and prayer cards were given to each attendee to work on throughout the day.

Connie and Pat also gave hands-on demonstrations shown on another large screen so that everyone could see the details how-to work on the cards or journal. In the afternoon, I went to the camera to demonstrate art techniques. These included adhering decorative napkins or tissue paper to pages, adding a bit of shine with GildenGlitz™, making decorated page wraps out of envelopes (for those who don't want to work directly in their Bibles, and mica watercolors. So may techniques, so little time.

It was delightful to give away 50 gifts to attendees. One of the highlights was a young attendee - 2nd grader  - she was so excited to win her first Bible....a wide-margin journaling Bible. This young lady, who diligently worked quietly all day, made a lovely prayer card and presented it to Marie Schwartz, our nametag calligrapher. Marie was so touched by this expression of thanks.

Participants were intergenerational group - the young girl attended with her mother, her grandmother and her great grandmother - many others were mother/daughter. Two men registered. Hopefully families will see that Lingering Longer in His Word can become a family devotional time expressed visually with pens and pencils.

I extend grateful thanks to the volunteers, presenters, participants, vendors and staff of St. John Lutheran Church & School, as well as the generous support from Thrivent. What a blessing this day was to me and to others!


Contact me, so that I have materials prepared for you, if you would like to meet with us for our monthly Visual Faith get together. Next one is Saturday, September 16,  St. John Lutheran School Media Center, Rochester, MI 1 - 4 pm. Email me for details. We will be referring to the book "Waiting" by Sharla Fritz, so if are able to get the book and read the 1st 3 chapters, that would be great....but don't let that hold you back from attending!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Terrific Supporters of the 2017 Michigan Visual Faith Retreat

The 2017 Michigan Visual Faith Retreat was made even more special by  
these generous people and companies. We extend sincere thanks to each of them! 

All Good Things Collective

Better Made Snack Foods


Diane Draveski

Illustrated Faith

Laureen Crocker

Imagine Crafts

Karla Dornacher

Faith Fifield

Nina Macri

Linda McLean

Grace Norton

Olive Vinegar
(248) 923-2310

The Cheese Lady

Lytle Pharmacy

The Paper Hollow
(586) 803-1099

Marie Schwartz

Seven Chickens Family Farm
(586) 615-0306

Dana Swadling - Close to My Heart

The Toffee Store

Thrivent Financial
Action Teams

Utica Florist
(586) 803-1099 

Friday, August 25, 2017

2017 Michigan Visual Faith Retreat Vendors

There was so much to do at the 2017 Michigan Visual Faith Retreat, St. John Lutheran Church & School, Rochester, MI. Of course, shopping was on that list!! We extend our thanks to these unique vendors for making our day special. It was good that you were able to participate in part of the retreat program as well!

Thank you!

Author Karen Dancy 
“Mountain of Hope” 

DoTerra Essential Oils
Shannon Morais

Mary Kay Cosmetics 

Lorraine Thompson

Ruby Ribbon.com 
Stylist Leslie Rolfe

Sue Stingu Jewelry

Thirty-One Gifts 

USArtQuest - Chelsea, MI

Friday, August 11, 2017

Final Countdown for Michigan Visual Faith Retreat

Registration is still open for the 2017 Michigan Visual Faith Retreat.........time to send in your form or, better yet,  register at www.stjohnrochester.org

Click on the image here to go directly to the site. 

Soon after registration you will receive a welcome email with details about the event and tools you might bring to use during your working time.

Can't wait to meet you. Let me know if you have questions.