Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Visual Faith Tissue Technique

VISUAL FAITH technique for your Bible or notebook......take one layer of a decorative napkin and trim it to the width of the space for journaling.

Using PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive) from USArtQuest.com, I adhere it to the page, place deli paper on top of it, close the book to let it dry and prevent wrinkling. The deli paper prevents any moisture transferring to the opposite page. A thin coat of PPA is all you need.

When it is dry, use stamps, permanent ink, or rub-ons for your journaling. This is a great way to cover the back of a page that has bleed-through from previous journaling. You can do several pages at the same time so they are all ready when you are!

Additional tip: Place a small piece of tape on a corner of each side of the tissue to pull the layers apart.

I'd enjoy seeing some of your completed pages!



Friday, February 10, 2017

Journal fun

Using USArtQuest Perfect Pigments one day and then many, many days later finding this image within the marks!

So much fun!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Leaves Reborn

Oh what fun I'm having with the leaves I receive from far and wide. My granddaughter collects them in North Carolina. My neighbor friend's husband brought some back from Florida to add to my 
freezer supply. My husband does his best to dodge the freezer-stored precious leaves waiting there for me! He's trying to get used to the leaves. Usually they are being steamed for EcoPrints.

I have been EcoPrinting with all sorts of leaves and twigs, always fun....each "reveal" a new surprise. Fifteen of my latest EcoPrints are individually mounted, and now residing in a new home ready to become a wall display. I'm eager to see the final installation, but the layout is the vision and prerogative of their new owners. I have more leaves.......

So, now my current leaves-in-waiting have taken new life. They now have marks of paint, markers, and Pan Pastel®, then encased in beeswax and polished to brilliance. I've painted magnolia leaves before but the process of adding the pleasant-smelling beeswax is such a nice addition. Layering the wax and mark-making is a nice sensory experience.

Ok....so now what do I do with them? I have ideas - always! Those that are completed are part of an artificial arrangement in a wicker plant stand that has needed some perkiness for quite awhile. I may also tie them into a garland. For a while some of them lived in a bowl of antique wooden kitchen tools in my house. They will move around probably, and it will be interesting to see how long they last. Some may get some lettering on them...others some more detailed marks.

Someone else has probably done this with leaves long before me, but isn't it fun to explore on your own, not knowing if it's been done before? Thanks to Shari Replogle for unknowingly reminding me about Pan Pastel® and to Faith Evans-Sills in Lifebook 2016 for reminding this northern gal about Magnolia leaves.

Let the leaves be reborn! 


Sunday, January 1, 2017

HAPPY 2017

May you receive many blessings in this New Year.....

and may we ALL recognize those blessings as they happen!


Saturday, December 10, 2016

"Embellishing" our Home for Christmas

Well, here we are into December and I'm already overwhelmed, and wondering why I do this to myself every year! I truly enjoy Christmas and the activities before and after but I seem to add more and more deadlines on myself! So, I am trying to "Be Still" and listen to the meaning behind Advent and Christmas....to take time to ponder it all.

As I decorated our house in my usual "overdoing it" method, I really tried hard to consider each piece and its meaning for Christmas. This made the decorating so much more meaningful. The fancy nativity scene that has been a part of my our life for a long time, took up its special spot in our living room. The kings and Jesus shouldn't be there yet, but they remind me of the whole story of Christmas.

There are angels on the mantel - they are such a huge part of the story. From the time that the angel appeared to Mary to say she would give birth to God's son, to the announcement of his birth...angels were there and so they are represented in my home. Some have wings that move, some have music boxes, some are still, some look like they are flying.

The Christmas tree in this room is my favorite. Filled with mostly gold ornaments, white lights, music symbols and an angel in needlework that my mother made many years ago. The music symbols remind me of the sound of the angels singing praises to the newborn king....the sounds we will hear in heaven....the sounds that we hear in churches on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when our voices joined together sound like one.

This year's decorating was so much more meaningful as I really tried hard to concentrate on the meaning of this season for me and my family.

Even though you will also find a collection of Santas, nutcrackers, dolls and animated carolers throughout our home, and colorful lights on the front of the house, this time of year means so much more to us. In the middle of the lights you will find a lighted nativity scene as we center our celebration on the birth of Jesus, God's gift to us.

May this season bring you peace and joy. I wish my fellow Christians a wonderful Christmas! May everyone reading this have an incredible 2017!