Friday, December 27, 2019

Greetings from Michigan

Hope your celebration of Jesus' birth this Christmas was 
a memory-making time.
Wishing you many blessings in the New Year!
HAPPY 2020

Monday, October 21, 2019


My friend Sue Stingu (with her necklaces, book gems, etc.) and I will have a space at this Fall Market so be sure to stop by and see us. It's a busy Market!Art

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Eco-Printing at the OPC

Six women joined me for an Introduction to Eco-Printing in the beautiful little cottage next to the OPC Senior Center garden in Rochester. A good definition of this process is on a guest blog post at the link below:

It was an ideal location and a beautiful day for setting up the steamers/roaster outside while we worked inside. We did have one snafu when the circuits went out, but as soon as they were fixed we were off and running with packets of papers, flowers, stems and leaves in the pots.
We gathered some materials from the nearby garden but mostly used the colorful box of materials donated by Utica Florist. What a treat to have those beautiful colors sitting in the middle of the table. 'Each sheet of paper was quickly doused in a vinegar/water solution.....many of the plants had had a bath in alum (pickling spice) and water the night before.....then plants or plant parts were arranged on the paper so that each side of the paper would be touch the plants. We folded our papers in half before laying the plants out. 

When we got everything arranged, I wrapped them in a cloth that had had a bath in rusty water (iron sulfate). A ceramic tile was placed on either side of the stack of papers/plants, then bound with a large rubber band. They were then placed in the steamer. We also wrapped a few 1/2" copper pipes with flowers and a heavier water color paper and placed them in the steamer. The heavier paper needed more steaming time than we had, but we did get some good results. 

While we waited for the 2-hour steaming time to end, we made small booklets with accordian-folded centers  for storing our papers when they dried.  We made covers from old text paper, and eco printings that I had done previously. Some of the students included small sticks as a frame around the cover collage.

Someone mentioned that this would be a good two-day project - one day of printing, overnight drying then processing the next day. This would be a good event for next Fall.

I enjoyed the day and even as a teacher, you learn a lot each time you eco print!!


Monday, September 23, 2019

VISUAL FAITH - Metro Detroit - September 2019

Our Visual Faith - Metro Detroit group  joined me as we began our 2019-2020 year of study September 21st. Those who were able to attend this time included:  (front row)Marie (and dog Angel), Lynn, Charlene, (back row) Heidi, Maureen, Marjorie. We usually meet at St. John Lutheran Church and School in Rochester, MI but our group is from many churches and areas of Metro Detroit.

Some of us will continue working in our Altered Book, and some will begin a new book. We are using old books to learn and test various techniques that we might bring to our Bible as we spend more time with our Lord. Anyone is welcome to join us at any time. I just need RSVPs so I'm sure to have enough materials for everyone. Our normal Bible Journaling "kit" might include pencil, good eraser, small ruler, fine tip permanent pen, wipes, notebookm glue stick and Bible.

We have a theme this year based on the 23rd Psalm.....looking at Our Shepherd and his relationship to us. We are also referring to the book by Phillip Keller "A Shepherd Looks at the 23rd Psalm." Keller's insights as a former real-life shepherd into the study of this Psalm create visual references for us as we understand our Shepherd's care for us. 

This book was recommended to me by Julie, a participant in our group. In looking for the book, I discovered that there is a Shepherd Trilogy in one book by this author. I also recommend it!

In October we will look at the verses:  "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, He leadeth me beside still waters. He restoreth my soul." I like to include a hymn or poem in our devotion time.

In the church of my youth, the weekly church bulletin had a phrase written at the top that I've never forgotten. I don't remember ever asking who wrote it, but I recite it to myself often when I'm seeking stillness. 

So, as is my style, I went online last week searching.  I found out that it was written in 1935 by Helen Taylor and Wilfred Sanderson as part of a song. A 78rpm record (scratches included) has been reproduced online and this song called Green Pastures is sung by (Irish?)tenor John McCormack. You should be able to hear it at the link. The images with the song at this link are  beautiful.

The phrase from it that I love is: 

"This quiet and calm my spirit restore until I go forth on my journey once more."

May you find quiet and calm in the weeks ahead....



PROJECT; Added to the cover or back of an altered book after painting it. 
We applied Gesso and when that dried, we applied Matte Medium, and placed 
the Shepherd image facedown, smoothing out any bubbles, waited until it dried, 
then wet the back with water, and carefully rubbed off the wet paper to reveal the image. 
The original mage was printed on a toner copier. 
We also practiced with a small sheep image on an inside page of the book, just using Matte Medium.

Cover from last year using  Dreamweaver gold embossing paste
and a Dreamweaver stencil (no longer available).
We painted our book covers first with acrylic paints.

Some of the projects completed on the pages of
 our altered books last year.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

OPC Students meet Acrylic Pouring

Rochester's OPC Senior Center's  enthusiastic students, Pam, Linda and Joyce learned a few acrylic pour techniques this week.

The small class size enabled all of us to do a little more "playing" than the class description.

They jumped right in and experimented, picking 2 colors and adding white and black. Sounds like they might continue acrylic pours at home!

They all signed up for my EcoPrinting class in the OPC cottage September 30th. We'll be using clippings from the garden outside the cottage and in addition to the leaves, etc.  I've been collecting.

  Limited class size so sign up if you want to join us.

Enjoy the week......


Friday, September 6, 2019

Rochester's Art and Apples Festival weekend Part 2

It's a busy weekend in Rochester, Michigan with the 50th Annual Art and Apples Festival in the Municipal Park. This is a major event of Paint Creek Center for the Arts.

Along those lines, OPC Senior Center is selling Apple Pies for $15 each or 2 for $25. Just drive through the circular driveway, place your order, pay and drive off with your fresh Apple pie! How easy is that??!! 

If you decide to park and go inside the OPC, you will enter a beautiful building catering to the older's worth a tour. The gift shop is a real OPC garden photos on tiles I made are available there.

In the lobby this weekend, works by students and teachers are featured...... a mini art show - wonderful exhibit. My small acrylic pour class examples are exhibited. Check out all the classes that are offered.

So much to do this weekend......

Enjoy every minute of it!


Art and Apples Festival Weekend in Rochester

Lytle Pharmacy 340 S Main St
Rochester, Michigan 48307
(248) 651-8511
The 50-year old Paint Creek Center for the Arts Art and Apples Festival is happening this weekend in Rochester Municipal Park. Be sure to check it out. I'm delighted that some of my artwork (always eclectic) is featured in the center window of Lytle Pharmacy on Main St. throughout the weekend. Be sure to stop by.

The beautiful building is the original Opera House of Rochester. Lytle Pharmacy is noted, not only for its personal pharmacy services but also for unique gifts and cards. They are so supportive of local artists. 

Many thanks to Owner/Pharmacist John Blanchard and staff for all you do! 

On another note - Lytle Pharmacy features 4 different coaster/tiles of historic Rochester buildings for purchase. I create the tiles using prints of original watercolors by Karen Howell. The tiles are back in stock!  

Enjoy this busy weekend
Lytle Pharmacy
Home Bakery

Red Knapp's
D & C

Saturday, May 25, 2019

OPC Students Pull Chains

Aha - Did that heading get your attention? Look at the work my students did this past week practicing the pulled string and pulled ball-bearing chain into white acrylic pour backgrounds. They, like me, enjoyed the pulled chain effect the best. There are plenty of YouTube videos about this technique so check them out. I thought you'd like to see these.

OPC  Senior Center here in Rochester, Michigan. It's a wonderful free facility for 55 year olds and up.....classes, swimming, sports, theatre, travel, dining. I think it has everything but a hotel! I enjoy teaching a variety of classes there every month or so. The staff members are terrific!

If you live in the area, check it out.

May you have a safe Memorial Day weekend, remembering those who gave their lives for us.


Monday, April 1, 2019

Acrylic Pour Presentation Tiles

These wonderfully interesting acrylic pours are on 16" x 10" tiles. Although they are alcohol, water and scratch-resistant, they are not to be used as cutting boards. Each tile makes a wonderful presentation of cheeses, fruits and nuts, or a wine carafe and glasses.

I am delighted that The Cheese Lady in Rochester, MI carries several of these tiles. For more information, please stop by The Cheese Lady 302, W. University 248-413-5758, or send me an email Please note that some of the tiles in the video have sold. They can not be duplicated but colors can be customized on request. (results vary!)


Thursday, February 28, 2019

Visual Faith Fellowship - Canton, MI

With thanks to St. Michael Lutheran Church, Canton, MI, Dawn Kerstenand her team for organizing the Visual Faith event last weekend. It was a pleasure to share devotional time and Visual Faith practices, food and fellowship with 33 women. 

Thank you for welcoming me (and for being so close to Ikea so I could visit there for the first time! 😁😉I'm delighted to have new Michigan friends! 

p.s. It's such a small world - met a women there who was born and raised in the same town I was in WV! Same high school too!